AKC Registration – How to Do It Right

Registering your litter with the AKC is an important task. It gives the puppies a place in the history of the development of their breed. Prospective dog owners often look for AKC-registered puppies because it shows that the owners took the time to carefully breed two purebred dogs together to create an even better generation of dogs.

The AKC also offers many benefits. When a dog owner registers his or her dog with the AKC, they receive a puppy package that includes a pedigree, trial health care plan, a coupon for a free vet visit and a new puppy handbook. Your membership in the AKC funds many educational and exciting programs such as the AKC Canine Health Foundation, Canine Ambassador Program, Canine Search and Rescue, AKC Museum of the Dog, DNA profiling and kennel inspections. Membership fees are also used toward government relations and public education.

The AKC also sponsors many dog-related events, such as dog shows, field trials and sporting events. Many dog owners spend time training dogs for these events, and they win awards, which look great not only on the pedigree of the dog, but future generations as well. Many dog owners want working dog lines, show dog lines or hunting lines, so awards go a long way in showing off the dog’s abilities.

How to registerAKC Registration
You need to provide the new puppy owners with proof of registration before they come to pick up the puppies, which will be when they are 8 weeks old. Although the registration package arrives fairly quickly (within one week after ordering it if done online), you should aim to register the litter as soon as possible after the litter is born.

There are two ways to register: online and via mail. Registering online is fast and easy. It will take longer for the packets to arrive if registering by mail, so keep this in mind. Do not delay the registration process.

The registration forms are available on the AKC website www.akc.org. There, you are given the choice to download a form that you can fill in and print or register online.

What information is needed?
When filling out the registration form, you will need various pieces of information. You will need to include the date the puppies were born, the breed and the number of males and females.

You will also need information about the male (also called the sire). Typically, the male’s owner will have this information already filled out for you. If not, you may need to mail the owner the paperwork and have him or her fill it out and send it back. If done online, the male’s owner simply approves the paperwork online via email, simplifying the process. The paperwork requires the male’s AKC number and registered name, as well as the owners’ first and last name, telephone number, email address and signature.

The same information is needed for the female (also known as the dam). A mailing address is also needed so the AKC knows where to send the puppies’ AKC registration forms. The owner of the female must sign the paperwork. If there is more than one owner, both owners must sign it.

Next comes the payment. The AKC charges a $25 processing fee automatically. You must then pay an additional $2 per puppy born. If the registration is late (six months after the puppies are born), you must add an additional $65. The other fees are optional. You can post an ad on the AKC website for $25. You can purchase an official AKC litter certificate for another $25. If you want the litter registration expedited, that will cost $35 more. You can pay by check, money order or credit card.

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