Interesting and Unique American Dog Breeds

Dog owners often have a favorite breed that they prefer. Many famous dog breeds come from countries throughout Europe and Asia. The importance of the origin of the canine has some influence when people have a favorite breed. Other owners like the look of the dogs, or their temperament. Several unique American dog breeds are popular for their look, temperament, or history.

Over fifty dog breeds originated in the United States. These breeds range from different types of terriers, Bulldogs, hounds, even a variety of Retriever. Each of these breeds was created for a specific reason, and differs from original stock enough to qualify as a breed of their own. These unique attributes make these dogs distinctive.

Hawaiian Poi Dog

These dogs are now extinct but have a unique history that makes them interesting. They were raised in Hawaii as a source of food and status symbol, but not as a true pet. Their temperament made them unsuitable for hunting; the only other purpose dogs on the islands served. They received the name Poi dog because this is the food they were fed to fatten them.

When Europeans visited Hawaii and saw these dogs, they found that they weren’t useful for hunting or pets. Some visitors and settlers used these dogs as status symbols or sent them home as presents to family members. Eventually, however, cross breeding with various European dogs caused the Hawaiian Poi dog to fade away as a true breed.

Chesapeake Bay retriever

These retrievers were bred in the 19th century as a hunting and fowl dog. They were used by hunters in the Chesapeake area to retrieve fowl in the Bay or local waterways. While recognized as a unique breed, these dogs have many traits common to other retrievers. They are friendly, active, intelligent, and make good family dogs. They love the water, learn new commands quickly, and are eager to please. If an owner loves the outdoors and participate in sports, they will find the Chesapeake Bay retriever to be a great dog.

American Hairless Terrier

An American Hairless Terrier is among the American dog breeds that are suitable for a quiet lifestyle. These small dogs were first considered a part of the Rat Terrier family. Bred by combining miniature Pinschers, Italian Greyhounds, and Beagles, these dogs love to be with people. They are often described as happy, intelligent, and co-exist well with small children. They crave attention, and will frequently cuddle or nap with people, making them a good pet for the elderly or those with a more sedentary lifestyle.

English Shepherd

American Kennel Club BreedsThis derivative of the collie family is a working dog that is found mostly on small farms. These dogs are intelligent, eager to please, and independent. They can herd many different types of farm animals and can be left to their own devices when performing their duties.

While this breed is loyal and protective of its family, they are often wary of strangers. They can also have a tendency to be bossy to pets, family members, and outsiders who visit their homes. This breed of dog needs firm and consistent training to reign in the unwanted behaviors that can stem from its constant desire to maintain order.

American dog breeds often develop out of a particular need. Many of these breeds were created intentionally to adopt European breeds to the new environment. Dog breeders and owners have accepted each with their own look, personality, and purpose.

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