Dog Breeds

The major types of dogs are companion dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, and working dogs. These can be divided into a great number of subtypes. How many of these are separate dog breeds is a matter of debate. What is certainly not in doubt is the great variety of breeds to suit the different needs and temperaments of dog owners.

Those thinking about what breed to select should consider the following:
Space: Obviously, some dogs need more space than others and those living in cramped city conditions need to choose accordingly.

Temperament: Different breeds of dogs are will have different general temperaments. Match this with the owner and the conditions the dog will be in. If children are around, be certain to choose a breed that will be appropriate for them.

Activity level: While this is related to temperament, it is important enough to consider separately. Space and other physical factors must be taken into account here as well as the owner’s personality.

Even for those not selecting a dog, the following information about different dog breeds will make having and talking about them more interesting and fun. Dogs are closely interwoven into human history and knowing their breeds also tells a lot about people.

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