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Anybody that has an indoor dog or a dog that travels with them will need a dog crate, but people are often confused when it comes to what size of a dog crate to buy. It is important to pick from dog crate sizes that are designed for your dog’s size and weight. has put together some simple guides, price comparison charts, reviews and buying recommendations for some of the best and most popular dog crates you can buy. To get started, take a look at the dog crate size guide to help you determine what dog crate sizes will be most suitable for your dog (see dog crate sizing by breed if you have no intention of measuring your dog). Next, our crate size pricing chart is an excellent tool to compare prices, sizes and other various features of some leading products that are known for their quality, durability and dependability.

This is one of the best tips that you can give anybody doing dog training – buy a dog crate. It will bring out the natural instincts of your dog to keep its home clean and will save your own home and sanity in the process. The following guides will make the selection process much easier.

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Dog crate for the dog crate size guide
Get help on how to pick a dog crate size, dog crate size breeds and why crate size matters.
Dog Crate Size Pricing Comparison Chart
Compare prices of the best Midwest dog crates by sizes. Learn how to get the best deal for your money when buying a dog crate.
Extra Small Dog Crate SizesStyles: Single & Double Door
Dog Weights: 1-10 lbs
Extra Small Dog Crate Sizes
22″L x 13″W x 16″H (Extra Small)
18″L x 12″W x 14″H (Extra Small)
Small Dog Crate SizesStyles: Single, Double & Triple Door
Dog Weights: 11-25 lbs
Small Dog Crate Sizes
24″L x 18″W x 21″H (Small)
24″L x 18″W x 19″H (Small)
Medium Size Dog CratesStyles: Single, Double & Triple Door
Dog Weights: 26-40 lbs
Medium Dog Crate Sizes
30″L x 21″W x 24″H (Medium)
30″L x 19″W x 21″H (Medium)
Large Sized Dog CratesStyles: Single, Double & Triple Door
Dog Weights: 41-70 lbs
Large Dog Crate Sizes
36″L x 24″W x 27″H (Large)
36″L x 23″W x 25″H (Large)
Extra Large Dog Crate SizesStyles: Single, Double & Triple Door
Dog Weights: 71-90 lbs
Extra Large Dog Crate Sizes
42″L x 28″W x 31″H (Extra Large)
42″L x 28″W x 30″H (Extra Large)
XXL Dog Crate SizesStyles: Single, Double & Triple Door
Dog Weights: 90+ lbs
XXL Dog Crate Sizes
46″L x 30″W x 33″H (XX Large)
54″L x 35″W x 45″H (XX Large)

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