The Best Dog Crates for Smaller Dogs

dog crates for small dogs

Getting a dog crate is a fantastic decision, especially when you consider all the benefits that they encompass. A dog crate is necessary if you need to travel with your pet or if you want to speed up the toilet training phase. Whatever be your use, a dog crate is going to be very important when it comes to you and your dog’s life. Getting a dog crate is a difficult decision, however, as you need to make sure that you’ve considered a number of factors.

One of these factors is size because if you get a dog crate that is too big or too small, it will become useless and even dangerous. Large dog crates make toilet training difficult and small dog crates can cause claustrophobia. In fact, if you don’t have the correct size when you go to get on a flight with your pet, the airline could turn you away, ruining your trip. So when you go to get your pet crate, make sure to size your pet correctly from head to tail.

In this article, we will be talking about a specific crate size – small crates. These crates are going to be excellent for a number of smaller breeds, including Jack Russel, Fox Terrier, and Miniature Poodles. If you are planning to take your little dogs with you on holiday you will want to have the best crate possible for their size. So, because of this, we will be listing 5 of the best ones you can buy today.

The Top 5 Dog Crates for Small Dogs

There are a lot of crates to choose from when you’re a first-time buyer but we have simplified it for you. We have selected the 5 best dog crates suitable for your little doggy. The majority of this crates come from Petmate and for a good reason too. Petmate is one of the best brands available and they provide high-quality dog crates for all owners. Without further ado, here are the best crates for smaller dogs.

Doskocil Compass Kennel

The first pet crate is my Petmate it is one of the more colorful options on this list. The doskocil comes in three different colors, including black, pink, blue and red. As well as being colorful, this crate also has a lot of other interesting features that make it the perfect crate for smaller dogs. Firstly, the crate is perfect for dogs weighing less than 20 pounds and it has been designed so it can be put together without the need for tools and equipment. All the bolts can be screwed on and it can be put up in a matter of minutes.

The dog crate also has superior ventilation that provides your dog with plenty of air and makes it airline friendly. The crate is lightweight but durable and is definitely one that will stop puppies from chewing it to pieces. Because it is lightweight, the crate can be transported around with ease and you won’t need to buy detachable wheels or a trolley when you’re taking this to the airport. In general, this crate is an excellent choice if you have a smaller dog.

21100 Ultra Vari Pet Kennel

Of course, this is going to be another dog crate from Petmate and it is their Vari Kennel, which is one of the more popular options for dog owners. The Vari Kennel is an excellent choice for small dogs but they also have a range of other sizes that are suitable for a majority of breeds. The Vari Kennel is made from a lightweight, durable plastic that makes it an excellent crate for containing chewers and excitable dogs. It also means that it can be used for airline travel so it is perfect if you like to take your dog with you on trips.

The crate can also be put together without the need of any tools and comes with a moat in the bottom of the crate designed for any mess your dog might make during travels. The crate is completely IATA approved but there have been some issues in the past with the ventilation as there is lack of holes at the rear of the crate. So get approval from your airlines before you board.

Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

This will be the first crate on this list that is not going to be from Petmate. The Port-A-Crate is a soft-sided crate developed by Petnation, another high-quality brand. This crate is lightweight and perfect for easy transport. The crate has a handle on top and includes a tough metal frame to give it added strength. This crate is also fully waterproof and has a roll-up door to give your pet easy access. The only real issue with this pet crate is that if you have a puppy who likes to chew, they may manage to get through. In addition, some dogs have been able to get through the zip, which can be a pain for some owners. However, it is a minor price to pay for a lightweight, durable and easy-to-carry crate that we highly recommend.

Petmate Portable Pet Home

Moving away from Petnation back to Petmate, we have another soft-sided pet crate. This is another high-quality crate that has heavy-duty canvas sides and includes a comfy sheepskin crate bedding to make your pet feel more at home. This is an incredibly portable crate that can be taken in the cabin of a plane and makes life a lot easier. The crate has ventilation on all four sides and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The only issue with this crate is that, again, because it is made from this material it might be prone to be chewed, especially if your dog is an escape artist. However, as this crate is made by a reputable brand and because it has been praised by its users, it will stay featured on this list.

Aspen Pet Porter Plastic Kennel

Last on the list is the Aspen crate. This is a great little crate that will suit any small dog owners. This little crate is very colorful and comes in a range of colors, allowing you to personalize it to your liking. The crate is made from a tough and durable plastic and can be used in a range of travel situations. It has a seat belt for car travel and has slots for water and food during plane travel. This versatile crate is lightweight and perfect for carrying your small dog. The door also comes all the way off so your pet can easily get in and out of the crate without any hassle. However, although this article is about crates for small dogs, this crate has been said to be too small with a doorway fit for a hamster.


There are many different crates on the market and they are fit for all sizes of dog. However, if you have a smaller dog you might want to look around for a more flexible option. If you happen to get a crate that is too big for your little dog, they may find it difficult to adapt to the larger size, especially when it comes to training. Finding the best crate for your small dog is difficult but with the above guide, it can be simplified. With the options above, you’ll be able to find a crate suitable for your little doggy and we urge you to check them out.

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