Dog Training Treats to Train any Dog

Bringing home that little puppy means a new energetic bundle of joy full of love. It also means that it is time to teach the puppy not to chew the couch, go to the bathroom on the rug, or leave the yard. It is time for puppy training, which may not be easy. Dogs have many different temperaments, and some are easier to train than others are. Dog training treats is a helpful way to train even stubborn puppies.

Dogs, like people, respond to positive reinforcement. When training a puppy, it is important to acknowledge a good behavior so that they understand this is what they need to do. It is in their nature for dogs to please their owners, and they like to know that they made their owner happy. Dog training treats are a great way to reinforce positive behavior so that the dog is more inclined to repeat it.

Pet owners can find many types of dog training treats on the market today. There are even training aids available that combine treats with an object the dog thinks is a toy. Beanie balls and King Kong biscuits have balls that are hollow for treats to be placed in the center. The idea is to fill the objects with the treats and have the dog play with them.   When the dog rolls the object around or performs the right action, they receive a treat. This helps the puppy learn that when they perform the correct action they receive an instant reward. When they then receive a treat to reward them for good behavior, this helps reinforce this idea.

Dog Training Treats

In order to work properly, treats should be bite sized so that the dog can consume the treat quickly, and then continue with the training. They also should be in the dog’s favorite flavor so that they will want to perform to their utmost and receive another treat. Not all dogs like the same type of treats, so not all treats work well for all dogs.  It may take some trial and error to find out what types of treats the puppy likes so that they will do their best during training.

Treats come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and flavors. There are large, medium and small dog treats available so that the owner can buy the right size treat for their dog. There are also various flavored dog training treats on the market. Different kinds of meats, fruits, and vegetable flavors are available so that the owner can find a treat for even the finickiest dogs. For owners who are health conscious, there is organic, low calorie and allergen free treats can be found.

If the owner knows what the dog likes to eat and likes to bake, they can make homemade treats. There are many different free recipes for homemade dog training treats available online. With a little experimentation, the perfect set of recipes can be found to make the ideal treat for the puppy’s training sessions.

Some breeds are known to train easier than others do. German Shepherds, Collies and Labs, are often easy to teach complex tricks to because of their high intelligence. Other puppies have trouble learning to roll over. When the puppy does not respond well to training, there is  no need to despair. Dog training treats that the dog loves are often the way to help reinforce good behavior, or to help them realize that this is behavior the owner wants them to repeat. The more the dog loves the treat, the more they will want to perform that behavior again.

Dog training treats are meant to help encourage certain behaviors, but they can’t last forever. It is not reasonable to expect the owner to give their dog a treat every time it goes to the bathroom outdoors for the rest of the dog’s life. Once the puppy learns the behavior and repeats it several times, it is time to start weaning them off the treats. Instead of giving the dog a treat every time they perform the necessary action, praise them but only give them a treat every other time. Then offer the puppy a treat every couple of times they perform the desired behavior, and so on until they perform the behavior but no longer expect a treat for it.

Dog training treats are a great way for owners to reinforce good behavior. Dog treats come in many types, sizes and flavors, so that owners can use them for training without running the risk of the dog gaining weight. Dog training treats can make training sessions a positive experience for the puppy, and a less stressful experience for the owner.

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