The Heavy Duty Dog Crate for a Heavy Duty Dog

When purchasing a dog crate, you are faced with numerous styles to choose from. However, it is important not to get so involved in aesthetics and features that you forget about strength and construction. If you have a large dog, or a very aggressive one bent on destruction, a heavy-duty dog crate might eliminate the need to buy replacement crates as well as a lot of money in saved furnishings.

In addition to big dogs, the following types of dogs may need heavy duty crates:

  • Chewers: Even when they are not particularly large, chewers many destroy and crate that is not heavy duty.
  • Aggressive, powerful dogs: For obvious reasons, a stronger crate may be the only way to keep them in.
  • Nervous or hyperactive dogs: These dogs are far more likely to find a way to wreck a weaker crate.

The heavy-duty dog crate is constructed specifically for larger dogs, and those that have demonstrated an aggressive desire to tear things up. No matter the size of the dog, they must have enough room in the dog crate to turn around. Allowing for extra room (but not too much) in the crate will give the dog a sense of security during the training process, as the dog will not feel closed in.

Heavy duty dog crates are the strongest on the market. Made from 20-gauge steel and reinforced by 1/2” diameter steel tubes, they will hold even the most powerful dogs. Being heavier than other crates, they will often come with removable wheels. They should have at least a couple of doors with a top that can be opened for easy access.

The heavy-duty dog crate is utilized for housebreaking, travel and other purposes. Dogs love to “den” and crates allow dogs to have their own “spot” in the house where they feel safe and secure. Those who have other pets such as cats in the house should make sure they are not allowed inside the dog’s crate. Dogs have keen senses of smell, and they may reject the crate if they smell other animals’ scents in it.

What to look for in a heavy-duty dog

  • Sturdiness: It should be durable while still providing excellent ventilation.
  • Mobility: Make sure is portable enough for your purposes. Many of these crates have wheels.
  • Floor grate and metal pan: These grates will usually have a floor grate for the dog to lay on with a removable metal pan below it.
  • Doors: Both side and top access is advisable.
  • Size: Be especially careful with the size when buying a heavy duty crate as this type of crate is generally more expensive. Use this dog crate sizing guide.
  • Colors and style: Even heavy duty crates can look good.

For a strong but not heavy-duty crate, aluminum is recommended for its strength and light weight. Most aluminum dog crates are foldable, which proves great for storage. Simply get the dog out of the crate, fold it up, and put it away until the next usage.

While wire crates are strong, be wary of crates sold as heavy-duty that are actually just made from a heavy duty wire. This style of crate is typically more cost-efficient in comparison to aluminum crates. Nobody wants to spend endless amounts of cash for a dog crate. However, at the same time shoppers need to keep in mind that they will get what they pay for.
Heavy Duty Dog Crate
No matter the material, one chooses for a heavy duty dog crate, the crate should have certain accessories. One of these accessories is extra doors. Separate doors are helpful for watering and feeding dogs while they are inside the crate. You should always research carefully when purchasing a heavy-duty dog crate. There are numerous styles, materials and colors to choose from. If going with this type of crate, it is best to step back and think of what works for the overall mission of your dog. It is never a good idea to decide on a dog crate based solely on its appearance. The decision should be made on durability, convenience and price of the product.

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