How to Use Holistic Care to Keep Your Dog Healthy

When our dogs have health problems, our first instinct is to take them to the vet. However, vets sometimes use medicines that can cause harmful side effects on dogs. These harmful chemicals can pollute the environment and your dog’s body. Although not scientifically proven, there are many holistic treatments that many dog owners use on their dogs to help them feel better naturally.

Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine. It involves the use of tiny needles that are inserted into the certain areas of the dog’s body. While the scientific basic of acupuncture is not established, some people say the needles align various points of the dog’s body. It is believed that when the body is out of alignment, diseases occur. Acupuncture serves to restore balance and harmony.

It is recommended that acupuncture not be used in emergency situations, such as broken bones or life-threatening illnesses. Instead, it may be used for chronic diseases, such as arthritis or cancer. It is also beneficial for pain relief caused by conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, paralysis, asthma, pneumonia, allergies, skin conditions and gastrointestinal problems.

Aromatherapy uses pure scented oils that have medicinal properties. These oils can be combined to increase a dog’s well-being. The oils must be 100% pure; otherwise, instead of helping dogs, the oils can harm them. Oils can be applied directly on the skin. This method works the best because the oils are absorbed into the bloodstream. The oils can also go through a diffuser, which evaporates the oils and the dog inhales them. Some oils can be taken orally, but this requires veterinary supervision, as many oils are unsafe to be ingested.

Holistic dog CareHerbs are beneficial in relieving pain caused by a variety of diseases. They are an alternative to traditional medicine, which often causes more harm than good. Herbs, on the other hand, are effective in strengthening organs, boosting the immune system and restoring bodily functions. They can also remove toxins from the body and calm nerves, promoting relaxation. Because cancer occurs when the dog’s immune system breaks down, herbs can improve functioning and prevent major diseases before they occur.

Natural Dog Health Remedies has information as to why herbs are good for dogs and what you should avoid when giving them.

Dog food
Even the right dog food can be used as a holistic treatment method. Vet Choice creates a dog food called Holistic Health Extension. The food includes three types for meat protein to create a balanced diet. This premium dog food is made from real chicken and offers vitamins and nutritional supplements to keep your dog in optimum condition.

Holistic Health Extension has no fillers. There is no soy, wheat, artificial preservatives, gluten, added sugar, artificial flavors, corn or by-products. The ingredients are all natural, promoting health and wellness in dogs.

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