Midwest iCrate Double-Door Extra Large Dog Crate

Midwest iCrate Double-Door Extra Large Dog Crate Review

Like the iCrate double-door large dog crate, I don’t recommend the extra large dog crate size either. Again, this has nothing to do with a bad quality product, it is simply a pricing problem.

Our recommended vendor gets the best prices anywhere for dog crates and the fact of the matter remains that they can simply give you a slightly better model of this exact dog crate for a cheaper price. This is because of the high popularity of those other items has caused their price to drop.

We have suggested two other dog crates below. Both of these crates are made by Midwest and all three crates get free shipping, so the price you see is the price you get.

If you need an extra large dog crate size, I suggest buying one of these extra large dog crates:
Life Stages Double-Door Extra Large Dog Crate – This is a Midwest double-door crate that is more durable and slightly larger than the iCrate model. If you buy this dog crate instead, you will get a better crate and you will spend $6.75 less!

iCrate Single-Door XL Dog Crate – If you would like to save as much money as possible buying your dog crate, you should get the iCrate single-door. It is exactly like this double-door crate in every single way except it has one less door and you will spend over $22 LESS.

I cannot say that I will always maintain my stance on this particular product because our dog crate vendor does add suppliers and change prices fairly frequently. A lot of the pricing structure revolves around supply and demand. The more they sell of a particular dog crate, the cheap they can sell them for. As a result the most popular models have also because the best buys!

You get all of the standard Midwest dog crate features with the XL size. These features include a free removable plastic tray, divider panel, slide bolt latches, rubber corners, non-skid feet, one-year warranty and fold-away design.

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