Midwest iCrate Double-Door Medium Dog Crate

Midwest iCrate Double-Door Medium Dog Crate Review

The Midwest iCrate medium dog crate has a double-door and a single-door model. Even though the single-door crate costs about $3 less than this crate, we highly recommending buying this crate instead.We recommend the double-door medium dog crate because it qualifies for free shipping while the single-door model does not. As a result, you can get the double-door dog crate for about $12 cheaper after shipping is included in the price of the other crate.All Midwest dog crates come with a divider panel and a removable plastic tray for easy clean up. The divider panel lets you change the size of your dog cage as your dog needs more room. This will allow you to buy a full size dog cage for how big your dog will become and not how big it currently is. This can save you from having to buy two different sized dog crates!

You also get free safety features like skid-free and scratch-free dog cage feet, protective rubber corners and secure latching slide bolt latches. The dog crate will even fold up so you can store it or travel with it easily.

Midwest is one of the most trusted names in the dog crate industry. Millions of pet owners already know that they can depend on their dog crates to last 10 years or more because they make a durable and reliable product.

The iCrate cages are able to provide a cheaper cost compared with the Life Stages dog crates because they have a slightly smaller width and height and less metal meshing for the cage itself. These sacrifices are really not that noticeable, although they do reduce the weight limits of the dog crates. If you need a dog crate for home usage, I would recommend the more durable Life Stages crates but if you will be moving the crate a lot or traveling, then the iCrate may be a perfect fit for you.

Regardless of whether you want to train your dog, discipline your dog or just house train them, a dog crate is quite possibly the best way to achieve any of them.

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