Midwest iCrate Double-Door Small Dog Crate

Midwest iCrate Double-Door Small Dog Crate Review

We recommend buying the Midwest iCrate double-door small dog crate over the single-door model for a couple of reasons. Our recommended vendor sells this dog crate for only a little more than the single-door version, but there is one other very big difference – shipping. The double-door version qualifies for free shipping while the single-door crate does not. When you include shipping costs, you will be able to get the double-door version for about $13 LESS than the single-door!Of all Midwest small dog crates, the iCrate double-door dog crate is the best buy. The single-door iCrate is actually two dollars cheaper than this dog crate, but this dog crate includes free shipping through our recommended, trusted merchant. Shipping costs on these crates are usually about $15, so you will be saving a lot of money buying this crate plus you will get the double-door model.You will get a free divider panel with this dog crate so you can change the size of the dog crate to adjust to the size of your growing dog. It also comes with an easy to clean plastic tray that is removable for easy clean up of accidents. The dog crate also includes safety features like dual secure sliding bolt latches, skid-free feet and protective rubber corners. The crate even features a fold away design so you can travel with your dog crate or put it in storage easily.

Midwest makes a high quality dog crate product and millions of dog owners all over the world trust their dog cages. Their products are very durable, often lasting 10 years or more.

The iCrate dog crate models have less width and height than the Life Stages dog crates. They also have a smaller and less dense wire mesh for the dog cage. This helps to reduce the cost of the dog cage, but the Life Stages can be a better buy if you plan on using the dog crate at home. The iCrate makes an excellent traveling dog crate.

Buying a dog crate is one of the best ways that you can house break your dog, train them and also stop them from devastating your personal possessions!

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