Midwest iCrate Double-Door XXL Dog Crate

Midwest iCrate Double-Door XXL Dog Crate Review

The Midwest iCrate double-door XXL dog crate is a better buy than the single-door model. Obviously, you get a second door but it is also slightly cheaper than the single-door crate. As a result, it would really be silly to buy the one door crate because you’d be paying more and receiving less. The prices are like this because the double-door dog crate sells more units than the other.You get a free divider panels and a removable, easy to clean plastic tray with all Midwest dog crates. With the divider panel, you can split your dog cage into a smaller area to fit the size of your dog. This will also allow you to buy a single dog cage for the life span of your dog.The dog crates also have safety features such as rubber corners, secure sliding bolt latches and no-skid feet. The secure bolt latches are very important because they will help you rest assured that your dog will not escape from it’s crate. You can even fold the crate for easy storage and traveling.

Midwest makes some of the best dog crates in the world and they have a loyal following of customers to prove it. Many of their dog crates have been reported to last for 10 years or even more. You simply cannot buy a better and more affordable dog crate anywhere.

When you buy an iCrate dog cage, you are actually getting slightly less of a dog cage than with the Life Stages. The iCrate XXL dog cage is actually the same size as the Life Stages XXL crate, but the wire meshing is slightly smaller and less densely packed. This will not affect your dog but it does reduce the weight limit on the crate by a little bit. If you have an extremely large dog and will not be moving or traveling with the crate a lot, then you may be better off with the Life Stages XXL dog crate.

The bottom line is that there is no better alternative to house training or disciplining a dog than with a dog crate. You can house break a dog in half the time with a dog crate and with a lot less stress and work.

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