Midwest iCrate Single-Door Large Dog Crate

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Large Dog Crate Review

The single-door iCrate large dog crate by Midway is the cheapest large size crate available through our recommended merchant. It’s price is actually comparable to a medium sized dog crate!All Midwest iCrate dog crates include a free divider panel, which will let you modify the size of your dog’s living area as he grows. They also include safety features like non-skid feet, secure slide bolt door latches and protective rubber corners. These features help to keep you, your family, your dog and your house safe from injury and damage.

A removable plastic tray is also included to allow for easy clean up in case of accidents or for general maintenance cleaning. If you travel with your dog or sometimes do not have need for your dog crate, you will love it’s easy folding design.

Midwest is one of the most trusted names in the dog crate industry. They have been providing millions of happy dog owners with quality crates for many years. A lot of customers report their cages lasting for 10 years or more.

The iCrate is designed as a slightly smaller dog crate than other models. The wire meshing is also thinner and spaced further apart, but does not compromise it’s stability even though it does have less of a weight limit. These features make the iCrate a lighter, more affordable and more portable dog crate. Depending on what your uses for the crate will be, you may prefer to get a more durable Life Stages model if it is for home usage.

Dog crates are one of the most effective tools to house train a dog, plus they will help protect your belongings and your peace of mind while you are not at home. They have even been proven to help to reduce behavior problems with dogs.

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