Midwest iCrate Single-Door Extra Large Dog Crate

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Extra Large Dog Crate Review

If you are looking for your most affordable dog crate option, you have come to the right place. Midwest iCrate single-door dog crates the usually the most affordable dog crate on the market. They have cut costs but not sacrificed on their durability to bring you a great dog crate at an affordable price.The Midwest iCrate extra-large dog crate comes with a free divider panel and a removable, easy to clean plastic tray. The divider panel is an excellent feature because it will allow you to change the size of your dog crate to adjust to the size of your dog. This will let you buy a single dog crate that will last the entire life of your dog!

Safety features of the iCrate include rubber corners, non-skid feet and secure sliding bolt latches. You will even be able to fold up the iCrate for easy travel and storage.

The iCrate is very similar to the Life Stages crates with a few subtle differences to lower the price. The width of the extra-large iCrate has been reduced by a single inch, the mesh spacing is slightly further apart and the metal mesh has a slightly smaller thickness.

Make sure you look at the prices of the sizes of the various models available from Midwest, because the prices can sometimes vary, and every now and again you will be able to get a better dog crate at a cheaper price! Generally, the iCrate will cost less than the other models. If you travel with your dog a lot, the iCrate can be an ideal choice because it will be slightly smaller and lighter. Otherwise, you may want to consider a Life Stages model for increased durability.

Midwest makes some of the best dog crates in the world and millions of dog owners have been using their crates for 10 years or more. They make a quality product that lasts a long time and provides safety for both you and your dog. If you are looking for a great way to house break your dog or improve behavior problems, a dog crate is the best way to go.

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