Midwest iCrate Single-Door Extra Small Dog Crate

The Midwest iCrate single-door extra small dog crate is quite possibly the most affordable dog crate that exists! If you have a small dog and are looking to buy a dog crate on a budget, then the single-door iCrate is the best choice for you.We have recommended a trusted online merchant that sells this dog crate for a very reasonable price. It is almost impossible to find a better price on a dog cage. Midwest makes the best dog crates in the world with millions of loyal customers. Their crates routinely last for 10 years or more.

The value that you get with this dog crate is absolutely amazing because the price isn’t the only thing that is great. You get a free divider panel that lets you adjust the size of your dog crate as your dog grows up. It even comes with a removable plastic tray that makes cleaning a cinch. Best of all, it folds away for easy storage and travel.

You also get standard safety features with this dog crate like non-skid feet, rubber corners and sliding bolt latches. The sliding bolt latches are one of the best attachment devices that you can get for a dog crate without spending a fortune. These latches will protect your house from being terrorized by your dog.

The iCrate dog crate is cheaper than the standard Life Stages model because they have made the metal wire spacing slightly further apart and the metal itself has a slightly smaller width. The extra small dog crate is also slightly smaller in width and height. These features make the iCrate more affordable but also slightly less durable, although they make excellent traveling dog cages.

Buying a dog crate is one of the best ways that you can train your dog. A dog’s natural instincts will teach him not to use the bathroom while in his crate, which will save you a lot of time, effort and money. Cages are also great tools to use for discipline and misbehavior problems.

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