Midwest iCrate Single-Door Medium Dog Crate

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Medium Dog Crate Review

The iCrate medium dog crate has a single-door model that is usually the cheapest option for this size of dog cages. Manufactured by Midwest, the iCrate is a great balance between affordability and reliability.When you buy a Midwest iCrate, you will get an easy to clean plastic tray and a free divider panel that provides you with an excellent way to split your cage so you can adjust the living area with the size of your dog. The divider panel alone can save you enough money to pay for another crate itself! You will even be able to fold up the crate for easy storage and conveinient traveling.

There are some great safety like skid-free and scuff-free feet, rubber corners and dual slide bolt latches. Obviously the feet will help to protect your floor and keep your dog safe inside of the cage. The rubber corners will help to keep your dog, you and your family safe from injury on a sharp corner. You might not realize it at first, but the slide bolt latches are actually the best safety feature of them all because it can keep your house safe from destruction from your dog while you are not home.

When you buy an iCrate, you are getting a dog crate very similar to a Midwest Life Stages crate with a couple of minor adjustments. These things do not bother most people, especially if they are on a budget, so they are willing to sacrifice some things they won’t notice to save a little bit of money.

With the iCrate medium dog crate, you will be losing two inches in width and three inches in height compared with the Life Stages model. You also get smaller metal mesh that is spaced a little bit further apart, although it does not compromise the stability of the cage. The lowered amount of metal mesh for the cage will reduce the weight limit of the cage by about five pounds.

You will want to be sure to take a look at the other models in this size category before you decide to make a purchase. Sometimes you can find a Life Stages model of the same size for a cheaper price. The iCrate makes a great travel crate due to it’s lighter weight and somewhat smaller size, but the Life Stages is a more durable and long lasting dog crate.

If you are looking to buy a dog crate that your dog won’t tear apart, then a Midwest dog crate is right for you. They have millions of dog owners using their crates and many report them lasting the entire life of their dog. The divider panel actually makes that possible since the cage can grow with your dog.

Dog crates are one of the most effective ways to house train a dog, plus they will give you peace of mind when you are working. You will know that your house and it’s belongings will be safe – as will your carpets! The dog crate is one of the best disciplinary tools that you can have as a dog owner.

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