Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Extra Small Dog Crate

Midwest Life Stages has a double-door extra small dog crate for people that will be dealing with small or baby animals. Unless you need the smaller area, you may be better off getting the small size of this dog crate style because the price does not vary much.Dog crate training is the best way to house break your dog and accomplish the task with half the time and effort. Dog crates will even help to correct behavioral issues with your dogs.

Midwest dog crates come with a free divider panel and a plastic tray. The divider panel will let you change the size of your dog crate so you can buy one crate and change the living area as your dog grows. The plastic tray is removable, which will allow you to easily clean your dog crate instead of having to bend over and crawl inside of it.

The dog crates also come with standard safety features like rubber padded corners, sliding latches and non-skid feet. You will even be able to fold up the crate for storage or easy travel.

Midwest is the most trusted name in pet crates and carriers, already being used by millions of pet owners. They are very durable and often last 10 years or more. Set-up is very easy and you will not need any tools to assemble the dog crate.

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