Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Small Dog Crate

Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Small Dog Crate Review

The Midwest Life Stages single-door small dog crate is the best buy for a single-door small dog crate. When you buy a single-door dog crate instead of a multi-door crate, you will get the cheapest possible price for the size of cage you are buying.

The Midwest Life Stages small dog crate includes a free divider panel. A divider panel is great to have, especially if you are raising a puppy, because you will be able to alter the dog’s living area as it grows. You also get a durable, easy to clean plastic pan that slides out of the cage. The pull out tray is a really nice feature compared to the really cheap cages that do not have any tray on the bottom. The crate folds up suitcase style with carrying handles, allowing for easy travel and storage.

A dog crate is an excellent tool for house or obedience training a dog. This is especially true with puppies. Using a dog crate will allow you to house train your dog in half the time and it’s great for correcting behavioral problems.

Midwest dog crates are one of the most trusted names in the dog crate industry, being used by millions of dog owners around the world. They last a long time and they are also very affordable. Many crates and pet carriers offer limited visibility and ventilation for your pet, unlike Midwest dog crates. They also feature rounded corners, slide bolt latches and rubber non-skid feet. It is also extremely easy to put a new dog crate together and put it away for storage – no tools are required.

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