A Wire Dog Crate That Will Last

Crating a dog in the past was considered inhumane. However, nowadays, teaching dogs to use a crate seems to be pertinent in being a responsible pet owner. Dogs are “den” animals by nature, which means that they need their own private space if they are to feel secure. Crating a dog provides security and safety not only for a dog but can save the furniture from damage when the owner is away. There are different styles and sizes of dog crates available on the market and one of the most popular crates is the wire dog crate.

While dog crates are manufactured in various materials, wire dog crates are manufactured with heavy and sometimes light steel wire. The steel wire is coated much like fencing wire is. One huge benefit of a wire dog crate is that the dog can see the outside while in this particular style of dog crate. This prevents dogs from feeling closed in and isolated from the family.

Wire dog crates also allow for good ventilation. In fact, since the air can flow so freely, they should be used in conjunction with a dog crate cover in situations where protection from the cold is needed. Crate covers can also be used when traveling with a dog. These covers fit nicely over a wire dog crate and are made of strong material, which ensures that dogs, no matter the size, will not destroy them. Crate covers also come in handy when the dog may be seeing too much, such as other dogs, and can be used to hide the outside world when needed.

Do not worry too much about a dog having an “accident” in the dog crate. The chance of this occurring is minimal because dogs normally do not want to urinate in their crates if they consider them their own personal space. Dividers can be purchased to limit the open space within the wire dog crate when housebreaking. Furthermore, they have removable trays at the bottom, and the tray as well as the crate can be cleaned simply by spraying it with water.

The wire dog crate is typically not approved for traveling on airlines. Animals are stored in the cargo department on planes and need to be transported in dog crates that will protect them from the cold or heat. Placing a call to the airlines would prove helpful for those who want to travel with their pets. There are strict guidelines, and sometimes hefty fees, involved when traveling with a family pet.

However, wire dog crates are fine for automobiles. They can also be easily folded up after arriving at the destination or when storage is needed.

With puppies that are teething or adult dogs that simply enjoy chewing up things, wire dog crates are perfect. Dogs cannot chew through the steel wire and the construction of a wire dog crate ensures they will last.

Wire crates come in different sizes. When purchasing one of these crates, ensure that the dog will have enough room to turn around while inside. The worst thing is to purchase a crate that is too small for a dog.

Make sure not to utilize a wire dog crate for punishments. The dog will want to feel comfortable in utilizing the crate as well as feel safe. If a dog is placed inside a crate for punishment, it will take away the dog’s sanctuary and can prove to cause numerous problems in the future.

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