About DogCrateSizes.com

DogCrateSizes.com was created to help people figure out what size of dog crate to buy. There is a lot of conflicting information about the sizing of dog crates on the internet, so we have put together a definitive guide to help you decide size of crate is best for your dog.

Why should you care what dog crate size you choose for your dog? When you pick a dog crate, it should not be as simple as whether your dog will fit into it or not. You do not want a crate that is too big for your dog. Likewise, you also do not want to buy a dog crate that is too small.

Our goal is to present the best information possible to help you make an educated decision and to do it in a manner that is easy to understand.

While we cannot show you everything on DogCrateSizes.com, we will create new guides when new dog crates become available that we believe are worthy. We will not recommend just any product to you. We have weeded through the different dog crates to bring you the best possible choices for different dog sizes.

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We may also participate in other affiliate or advertisement programs that provide a small fee for referrals. We focus on quality, trusted, and reliable sources of products and services for our visitors, and will not recommend products that do not meet these high standards.

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