Dog Crate Furniture

Dog crate furniture is a cool invention that was brought on by the desire to avoid having a bulky dog crate sitting in a room. Dog crate furniture is usually a table that a normal crate will fit under, allowing it to blend in with the rest of your furniture. However, other types actually include a built-in wooden dog crate, making everything a single piece of furniture.

Choosing the type of dog crate furniture
Dog crate furniture comes in a variety of types and sizes. The first decision will be whether to go with a table that sites over the crate or an all-in-one piece of dog crate furniture. There are some advantages and disadvantages to both types. Either way, they can make a room look better while offering a place for storage on top.

Table dog crates
Tables that sit on top of a dog crate are generally only made for a specific brand and size. When buying this kind of table, you will want to be absolutely sure that you are getting the correct table for your dog crate. Some people may consider this to be an unsightly option, but it is almost always the most affordable way to go. You will also be able to clean the dog crate easily this way, since the metal wire crates have plastic trays that you can remove.

Dog crate furniture with a built-in home
The built-in dog crate furniture tables are an all-in-one package that allows you to forget about everything else and just buy the table that looks good and is a proper size for your dog. These crates are excellent for a majority of indoor dogs, although they may not be ideal for everyone and all situations. The tables that have a built-in dog house are generally made of wood. This means that they will be more difficult to clean and can more easily be broken. Large dogs will generally be better off in a wire or metal crate.

While good built-in dog crates can be assembled and disassembled with ease, they are not portable. Those traveling need to keep in mind they will have to buy a second crate. They come in various constructions from recycled materials to quality hardwood. Therefore, costs will vary greatly, and those willing to make the investment can get very good furniture pieces with well-thought-out designs.

Like any dog crate, they should have removable trays and be practical for the dog that will use them. Remember, they need to provide that den-like feeling for dogs.

Two recommend tables are below. You can click on the picture or title link to get more information about buying the table. The first of these tables is for Midwest iCrate only! Do not buy this table unless you have a Midwest iCrate and make sure you are buying the proper size. The second table is an end table with a built-in dog house – you will not need a dog crate for this table, so just make sure you buy the correct size.

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