How to Find the Best Dog Training Books

First-time dog owners are often at a loss once they have brought their furry companion home. Puppies are adorable, funny and tend to lick a lot, but what to do next seems like an unanswerable question. Not to fret, for just like with human babies, there are instruction manuals for making a puppy a happy and healthy member of the family. Dog training books are available to teach owners and pets the basics of good dog rearing.

Books is a key word here. Often, it is beneficial to purchase more than one book so that the owner can benefit from learning different methods to train a dog. Methods that work for one dog may not work for another. Temperament and breed of the dog, in conjunction with the personality of the owner, will make some techniques more effective than others. This means a lot of research for the human while their furry companion is curled at their feet.

When searching for a good book to help train a puppy or dog, it is beneficial to know the author’s reputation. Is the author just a blogger looking to make a quick buck, or does the person have experience in the field of dog training? Perhaps the author is a veterinarian with years of expertise in animal behavior. Just make sure they know what they are talking about before clicking that buy button.

Typing the author’s name in Google is a great way to start researching the person. If they have published different books, articles and white papers on dog training or animal behavior, this is a good indication that their book will be useful. Dog owner forums are another online resource. If the author is good, chances are other owners will have used the book and can offer their opinion.

MethodsDog Training Books
Once a reputable author is found, the next area of research is the training method discussed in the book. The author should explain, either on their website or on the book jacket, the type of dog that this method works for the best. For example, some training methods aren’t as effective for small breeds, or dogs that tend to be hyper. Additional research on Google and on forums will help determine if this method will work for the young dog currently chewing on the owner’s shoe.

The format of how the information is relayed in the book is also important. Pictures, step by step guides, and additional tricks are the qualities of good training books. Another indicator that the book will be beneficial is if it offers methods of rewarding a dog in addition to treats. Clickers, praise, toys, and special playtime are all acceptable methods of positive reinforcement without offering a treat every time the puppy does something right.

Additional Benefits
The best dog training books have additional information besides how to train a dog. New dog owners need to know other information as well. Such as what to do if the pet is timid, terrified of thunderstorms, or absolutely refuses to stay in the tub at bath time. Good dog trainers offer dog care advice, so should a dog training book.

This care should extend to different breeds and temperament of dog. There are some common problems with certain breeds of dog. For example, Dalmatians tend to be more hyper, and border collies may try to herd the neighborhood cats. Knowing potential issues the owner may face and how to overcome them will help make the person-canine relationship stress free and enjoyable.

Don’t Judge Solely on Price
In comparison with hiring a dog trainer or enrolling in puppy class, dog training books are a less-expensive method of obedience training. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is advisable to grab the first dog training book found on the discount rack. Content outweighs price in this instance. An expensive book may not be the best one for the owner, and the cheapest book doesn’t necessarily mean that it is poor quality. Look at what the book has to offer, the method used, and the reputation of the author, and then determine if the book is worth the price tag. Remember, if the book doesn’t help successfully train the puppy in obedience basics, it is worthless regardless of price.

Ask Around
When people bring home a new baby, they constantly ask around for the best advice. Sometimes that advice is thrust upon them, even when it isn’t solicited. The same can be expected of new dog owners. Ask friends, neighbors, strangers at the dog park, and the local veterinarian if they can recommend the best book for puppies. It may even result in receiving a copy from someone, saving the owner a few bucks and a lot of research time.

Dog training books are a great resource for teaching a puppy important behavior. With a little time and effort, the perfect books for any new dog owner can be found. Then a sigh of relief can be heard, for the owner finally knows what to do with their furry friend.

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