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Whether you just brought home a new puppy or own three dogs, there are times when you will have questions regarding your dog’s behavior. Perhaps a tried and true training method isn’t working with Spike, or Waldo behaves well, but hates walking on a leash. You don’t want to buy a book or hire a trainer for just one issue. However, can you receive the best expert advice from a dog training forum?

The Internet is a community that allows people all over the world to talk with one another. One of the natural results of the World Wide Web is the coming together of people with similar interests to ask advice or rant on their favorite topic. There are literally millions of forums online, and the range of interests is almost limitless. If you are a forty-two-year-old grandma who likes skateboarding in the Sahara, chances are there is a forum that is comprised of fellow grandchildren toting, skateboarding in the desert fanatics.

Dog lovers are no exception to the forum phenomenon. There are forums available for dog lovers, puppy owners, owners of a particular breed, and forums on training and behavioral issues. Some of these sites are run and manned by fellow canine fanatics. Others are put up by pet site bloggers, veterinarians, trainers, authors and even the ASPCA.  When looking for a dog training forum to ask about why Angel insists on barking at everyone and everything that walks by the house, keep these questions in mind:

  • Who runs the forum?  When gushing about the antics of your dachshund, any site will do.  If you are looking for advice, however, it is best to ask an expert. Check on who operates the site and then research their reputation online.
  • How is the forum run? Is the forum a disguise for plugging products and services? Are questions answered promptly and respectfully? Is the moderator willing to refer you to other sources for the answers?
  • What methods are discussed? Not all training methods are effective, and some are controversial. Bad advice is worse than no advice, and you should know a little about what is discussed before you put the information into practice.
  • Does the forum have a lot of participants? With every forum, there is a way to check how many members the site has and how many are currently online. If there are a lot of members, a lot of conversations going on at once and people helping one another, chances are the site may be a good one to check out.

After you have done your research you may want to pick two or three different forums and ask the same question on each one. The wording of the answers may vary slightly, but if the answers are similar, then there is a good chance that you have the solution to your problem. Bookmark the ones you like on your browser so that you can return to them later.

Raising a dog is not always easy and sometimes questions come up. Having a dog training forum that offers you good advice can help avoid frustration with your canine companion. It is also nice to have someone to talk to who is as excited about your furry friend as you are.

Dog Training Forums
Here are some Dog Training Forums that are a good place to start researching how to train your dog:

Dog Forums: Has advice on training and care. Updated regularly and has recent posts. You do have to register to ask a question, although you can explore the site without registering and registration is free.

Dog Training Forum Sponsored by K-9-1 Specialized Dog Trainers, this site is to help people learn how to train their dogs on their own. It a helps with aggressive behaviors.

Reality Bites Dog Training forum: This site offer tips on care, maintenance, and training. Furthermore, it has information on dog adoption and links to sites for adoption and specialized training.

These are just a few sites to explore. Conduct your research based on the breed of your dog, age, and specific needs.

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