What Dog Training Supplies Do I Need for My Puppy?

Congratulations on your new puppy. You are in for a lifetime of love and companionship with an animal that is content when you are happy and comforting when you are sad. Your furry friend will always be there for you, but first you need to be there for them. It is vital that you teach your puppy the essentials for getting along with other animals and people. There are some important dog training supplies you need to train your puppy to grow up to be a happy, well-mannered dog.

Potty Dog Training Supplies

Puppies do not know they’re not allowed to pee on the rug. It is up to you to make sure they know where to go and get them there at the right time. Puppy training pads, cleaning supplies, treats and “go here” sprays, are some essential supplies for potty training.

Puppy training pads come in handy when your puppy has to go, and you aren’t right there to take them out. Perhaps they wake up early in the morning and can’t wait for you to get up, or they have to go while you are at work. These absorbent pads help keep the mess to a minimum.

Cleaning supplies are necessary for those accidents that are bound to occur. The products are safe for people, animals and the floors, while makings sure the stain and odors are removed. They also make sure the animal doesn’t return there at a later date instead of notifying their owner they have to go.

There are different brands of “go here” sprays available on the market. They are a good way to transition a puppy from going on training pads to going outside. Spraying the training pads helps the animal get used to the scent. Then you pick an area you want the dog to use outside and spray it as well. This will help the canine associate that spot with going to the bathroom. It also keeps messes outside to one area for easy cleanup.

Treats are an effective way to reward your puppy for a job well done. Everyone likes to know that they did something right, and going outside is an important milestone in obedience training. Using a treat when they let you know they have to go out or when they go outside on their own helps reinforce good behavior, and encourages the puppy to develop the desired behavior.

House Dog Training Supplies

In addition to learning not to go to the bathroom inside, there are other do’s and don’ts puppies need to learn about living in a home with people. Crates and gates, repellent sprays, and toys are great dog training supplies to teach a puppy indoor behavior.

Like with the “go here” sprays, there are other types of pet repellent sprays available. Puppies teethe and need to chew, but that doesn’t mean they have to gnaw on the furniture. No chew sprays come in flavors like sour apple or pepper, and when applied to chair legs and desks, they discourage the dog from teething on them. The owner should also have several bones and chew toys available for the puppy to use instead. When you catch the puppy chewing on something they aren’t supposed to, reprimand them and give them a chew toy. This way they learn when they need to chew there are acceptable and unacceptable things to gnaw on.

Other pet repellent sprays include ones that prevent animals from jumping on furniture or entering certain rooms. They also come in scents animals don’t like so that they will stay away. Other ways to keep animals in or out of specific areas are crates, gates and pens.

A crate is a recommend training tool for puppies. They help keep the puppy corralled when the owner is away, are an effective method to correct bad behavior, and a great place for the dog to go when they are over stimulated or nervous. Pens have similar benefits and can be used indoors or outdoors. Gates can keep animals out of specific areas and can be more effective than repellent sprays.

Toys are great tools for indoor and outdoor play. Puppies have a lot of energy and may misbehave when they are bored. Having items that keep the animal occupied helps them from searching for things to get into. Scheduling indoor or outdoor playtime with your pet also helps burn off energy and keeps them from getting bored.

Outdoor Dog Training Supplies

In addition to potty training and playtime, puppies need to understand the rules of proper outdoor behavior. They need to learn to walk on a leash, stay in the yard, and to come when the owner calls them. Leashes, collars, clickers, toys and treats help with outdoor training.Dog Training Supplies

Clickers have become a popular method of obedience training with owners, trainers, and kennel clubs. By using consistency and positive reinforcement, proponents of clicker training say animals learn commands quicker and retain them longer with this method. If training a new puppy, you may want to purchase a clicker device.

Collars are used for training, control, and restraint for pets. There are leather collars, choke collars and e-collars available depending on your method of training. They are also necessary for walking dogs on a leash. Many localities have laws stating that dogs have to be on a leash if they are on public property.  Having a good collar that fits well is a vital product for any dog owner.

Leashes are also used for training, control and restraining dogs. They come in various lengths, materials and styles. Short leashes are effective for walking and control, while long leashes are good for teaching a dog to return to you and giving them a little more freedom. Buying leashes of various lengths helps you with different stages of puppy training.

Dog training treats help reward your pet during training sessions. Giving them small treats and praise while they are attempting to learn a command encourages your puppy and strengthens the bond between the two of you. Healthy treats are available to help with weight management so your puppy doesn’t become obedient and overweight.

Puppies are a lot of fun and a lot of work for conscientious dog owners. Having the right training products will help your dog understand that they can’t chew on the arm of the couch, chase the cat, or pee wherever they want. Having a well-behaved dog makes everyone happy, including your dog.

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