Finding the Best Dog Harness for the Activity

With leash laws in most states and communities, owners need to have a way to control their pets. Many dog experts, such as trainers, veterinarians, and kennel clubs recommend a harness and leash instead of a collar when walking and exercising your pet. When trying to determine the best dog harness for your pet, you need to keep activities you do with your dog in mind.

Safety first
The reason why harnesses are the popular control method for pets is safety. Even cat and ferret owners are purchasing harnesses as opposed to leashes and collars. This is because they are a safer alternative to traditional methods, such as regular collars or choke chains.

Harnesses are designed to go around a dog’s chest and middle, reducing the stress on its neck. If a dog pulls or needs to be restrained, and they are wearing a leash with a collar, you could choke your pet or cause a serious neck injury. A harness will help you maintain better control over your pet. You can keep your dog by your side and keep them from pulling you down the street.

These types of restraints are better if you are running, hiking or traveling with your pet as well. Different versions of a dog harness will help you keep your dog safe no matter what activity the two of you enjoy.

Typical harness design
The standard dog harness has a series of straps that connect at the middle and chest of your pet. There is one strap that goes down your dog’s back, with a connecting strap across your dog’s chest and another that goes around the stomach. Another strap runs along the dog’s stomach connecting the chest and belly straps at the bottom of the harness as well. Usually, there are a series of buckles and a way to adjust each strap for safety and comfort.

To make sure your dog’s harness will fit correctly, you can measure your dog before you leave for the store. Measure around the dog’s belly and chest to make sure you purchase the right size. Many pet stores allow you to bring your pet, so this way you can try the harness on your dog before you buy it.

Best dog harness for running
A standard harness is useful when walking your dog or visits at the park. If you enjoy activities that are more physical with your pet, however, you may want to consider a padded harness for your dog.

The best type of harness for dogs that enjoy hiking and running is one that is padded across their backs and an additional strap across their middles. This allows you the ability to pick your dog up if you need to clear an obstacle.

Padded harnesses of this type were originally created for rescue dogs; however, some manufacturers now sell them to the public. This allows people to include their pets in more activities, and helps their companion live an active and healthy life.

Travel harnesses
When you travel with your dog, you need to make sure he or she is safe during the trip. A travel crate is the safest mode of transportation for your pet. Depending on the size of the dog and your vehicle, however, a travel crate may not be an option. If this is the case, there are harnesses available that will protect your pet while in the car.Best Dog Harness

These harnesses are padded across the chest and belly of dogs, instead of across their backs as with running harnesses. The bottom portion of the harness resembles a “Y”, as it branches across the chest and down the middle. Straps connect this padding and clasp across the back, where the harness connects with the car’s seat belts.

It is still recommended that your dog travels in the back seat of a vehicle, and the restraining system is secure to prevent your pet from being thrown forward if you need to stop abruptly or make a sharp turn. The additional benefit of this type of harness is that most manufacturers design them so that you can attach a leash to it when you reach your destination. This multi-purpose harness prevents the necessity of having to bring a separate harness or resort to attaching a leash to the dog’s collar.

Whether walking, running or traveling by car, your canine companion is often a part of family activities. Keeping the best dog harness in mind when on the go with your pet will make sure that everyone enjoys the event safely.

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