A Designer Dog Bed that Offers Comfort and Style

You want your dog to be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they have to be allowed on the furniture. You can find a designer dog bed that is comfortable for your pet and looks nice as well. These beds come in many colors, materials, and styles to help you find one you and your dog will enjoy.

Traditional dog beds
One style of fancy dog bed is a version of the traditional bed. They resemble large pillows, and are available in many colors, designs, and materials. Some are lined with fleece, offering your dog a soft, warm place to rest. Some of these styles are layered to look like two pillows on top of one another. This keeps the dog off the cold, hard floor. It is made from material that molds to the shape of your pet for extra comfort.

Another traditional style of dog bed is what many manufacturers now refer to as a bumper bed. This bed has raised sides for extra comfort and support. In addition, it is made from soft material such as velour or suede.

Dog bed futon is another term for a large, pillow-like dog bed. They are often made of organic material and better suited for outdoors. They are called futons because the original Japanese futons were stuffed mattresses on the floor.

Dog bed cots
If you are looking for the type of dog bed that is good for outdoor use, dog bed cots are an option. At first glance, you may mistake these beds for a trampoline. They have a wide metal frame that is rectangular with a mesh mattress. Some come with a faux fur lining to make the frame softer. They are a good choice for dogs to lie on outside as they are weather resistant and water flows through the mesh mattress.

Unique dog bed styles
There are other unique styles available for those who want a fancy dog bed for their pet. One type resembles a beanbag chair; it is round and puffy, but with a different stuffing that offers more support. Another one looks like a lounge chair, soft, rich, and luxurious.

If you want a dog bed that resembles the furniture in your living or family room, you may want a dog bed couch. This bed is made of durable plastic, and the rails are covered with the same material as the mattress. In addition to looking like furniture, this bed has the added benefit of keeping your dog off the floor. This is good for older dogs, which can’t adjust to the cold floor and have difficulty getting up and down.Designer Dog Bed

Heated pet beds are another option. They have a device similar to one found on an electric blanket. They help ease stiff joints and are good for dogs who suffer from arthritis.

When you are looking to buy a fancy dog bed, you have many options. You can go for a style that resembles human furniture, or the more traditional dog bed style. With the colors and patterns available, your pet’s bed can blend with any décor. Making your dog comfortable doesn’t mean you have to have an ugly piece of furniture that clashes with the rest of your living room. An elite bed offers benefits to you and your dog.

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