Everything about Grooming Tables for Dogs

If you are a dog groomer or groom your own dog regularly, you will likely need to invest in a dog grooming table. A grooming table makes grooming much easier, as you can bring the dog up to your level instead of having to sit down or bend over to groom your dog, which can be bad for your back. This is especially useful for breeds of dogs that must be groomed often.
There are many types of tables, each a different size and price. Most online pet stores carry grooming tables, so finding them and comparing them has never been easier.
Each grooming table is different, so you will want a table that has the features you need specifically for your pet or the dogs you groom. If you have a smaller dog, why spend more money on a full-size table that will just take up more space? There are small tables of the tabletop variety that can be used on all flat surfaces. Some even rotate, making grooming easier.

It helps to have an adjustable arm on the grooming table so you can accommodate dogs of various sizes. A grooming loop is also needed so you can slip the dog’s head through it and keep him still and secure while you groom him.

Grooming tables should have non-slip feet to keep the table in place. The grooming table itself should also have a non-slip vinyl surface, as it can be frustrating to groom a dog that keeps slipping around the table. The table should be made of sturdy materials that can withstand moisture and frequent use.

You can also make your grooming table fashionable. Forget the dull and boring black and gray colors. You can get many tables in bright colors.

Grooming tables can include many options. An accessories tray can hold clippers, combs, brushes, shampoos and other grooming supplies. Some have the ability to fold, so they can be placed up against a wall to save storage place or use it on the go. Some are electrical and operate by pushing buttons. They may also have built-in electrical outlets and lighting for added ease when grooming.

Dog grooming tables can range from $40 to around $350, depending on the size and features. The larger tables go up to 48” to accommodate large dogs. The cost of professional-quality tables will be on the higher end of that range, while small, basic tables can be bought for under $100.

If you are a handy, do-it-yourself type, you can build your own grooming table with supplies you probably already have around the house. The following instructional video shows dog owners how to make their own table.

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