A Complete Guide to Dog Care

Caring for your canine friend can be a daunting process. Dogs can get many of the same diseases and conditions that humans do get as well as many others. Here are the most important things to know about dog care.

Puppy care
Proper puppy care requires time, money and energy. Although small, puppies require lots of food and supplies. In addition, vet visits can put a dent in your wallet. Learn about all the things your new addition will need in order to grow up into a happy and healthy dog.

Anyone with a dog will quickly find out there is a need to budget pet care. However, there are ways to cut costs and still have a happy pet. There are ways to save money on everything from dog food to training to toys to vet bills.

One important aspect of dog care is keeping your dog safe from dangerous foods. From certain plants to chocolate, there are many things to be aware of that can cause serious health problems and even death.

Dog nutrition
Should your dog eat canned food or dry food? Is organic food really better than regular dog food? Does my dog need supplements? Find out the answers to these questions and gain a solid knowledge at nutrition in dogs.

dognutritionOne important part of nutrition is portion control. Some dogs will eat constantly. However, too much food and not enough exercise is a deadly combination as obesity in dogs puts added pressure on joints and leads to arthritis as well as other problems. Some dogs are more prone to obesity than others. There are several effective ways to keep your dog fit and trim.

Dental care for dogs
Do you ever brush your dog’s teeth? Although many dog owners would laugh at that fact, regular brushing  is actually necessary for dogs. In fact, poor dog dental care can lead to gum disease. Find out how to choose a toothbrush and toothpaste that is right for your dog.

Dog grooming
All dogs need to be groomed to some degree. Most are fine with regular brushings and a bath every few months or so, while others have an extensive regimen that involves monthly haircuts. This will depend on your dog’s coat and fur consistency.

Why give your dog a regular old haircut when you can do something more creative? Creative dog grooming has been growing in popularity in recent years. Groomers have been going a step beyond the normal haircut and turning their dogs into works of art. Chalk and colored hairspray can be used to turn dogs into cartoon animals, lions, birds and even dinosaurs.

Those who groom their dogs regularly may need a grooming table. Finding the right one can be difficult, as there are many sizes to choose from as well as various price points. Learn how to find the right one for your dog and your budget.

Finding a lost dog
Having a lost dog can be a scary situation for any dog owner. Cars and other animals can hurt or even kill a loose dog. Time is of the essence. Finding a lost dog covers what needs to be done to bring your dog home safely.

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