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Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Extra Large Dog Crate Review

The Midwest Life Stages single-door extra large dog crate is a great buy for a single-door extra large dog crate. You can usually get the best price on a dog crate when you buy a single-door style instead of a multi-door crate. The Midwest Life Stages extra-large dog crates include a divider panel and a plastic tray for free. The divider panel will allow you to restrict your dog’s living area to change the size of the crate as they grow. This is a great addition for puppies, since you can go ahead and buy one dog crate for the life of your dog.

The plastic tray is removable from the cage so you can easily clean up after your dog in case they have an accident. Midwest dog crates also fold away for easy storage or traveling, especially with the plastic handles. You can easily use a dog crate to house break your dog in half the amount of time. You will also be glad to have it when your dog misbehaves, since crate training can help to modify behavior problems.

Midwest dog crates have a one-year warranty, but many cage owners report them being in great shape and still in use over 10 years after buying them. Millions of people all over the world trust Midwest dog crates for their beloved animals. They offer top notch visibility and ventilation over competitor brands that just punch holes in plastic crates. Midwest dog crates come in a variety of sizes and designs, plus they include slide bolt latches, rounded corners and rubber non-skid feet. Set up only takes a couple of minutes and no tools are needed.

Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Extra Large Dog Crate Review

Midwest Life Stages offers a double-door version of their popular extra-large dog crate. When you are dealing with a larger dog crate, having a second door can be extremely useful to get things from the back of the cage or when dealing with baby animals. Just be sure not to be a dog crate size that is too big for your dog, unless it is a growing dog. If you are looking to house train your dog, using a dog crate can be one of the most effective house breaking methods and can accomplish the job in half the time. Dog crates are also great to use when your dog is having behavior issues and can help them to learn discipline.

Midwest dog crates of various sizes come with safety features like rounded corners, sliding bolt latches and non-skid feet. They also include free accessories like a removable, easy to clean plastic tray and a divider panel that will allow your dog crate to grow with your dog. They also fold up suitcase style, making them a breeze to carry, store and travel with.

These are some of the best and longest lasting dog crates on the market. Many of the millions of owners bought a Midwest dog crate over 10 years ago and are still using them today. You will not need any tools to put it together, and all Midwest crates come with a one-year warranty.

The double-door extra large dog crate will cost you a bit more than the single-door version, but it really is well worth it. Whether you will be raising a puppy or just wanting to get to the food dish in the back of the dog crate, you will be thankful you paid a couple of extra dollars to get the second door.

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Extra Large Dog Crate Review

If you are looking for your most affordable dog crate option, you have come to the right place. Midwest iCrate single-door dog crates are usually the most affordable dog crate on the market. They have cut costs but not sacrificed on their durability to bring you a great dog crate at an affordable price.

The Midwest iCrate extra-large dog crate comes with a free divider panel and a removable, easy to clean plastic tray. The divider panel is an excellent feature because it will allow you to change the size of your dog crate to adjust to the size of your dog. This will let you buy a single dog crate that will last the entire life of your dog! Safety features of the iCrate include rubber corners, non-skid feet and secure sliding bolt latches. You will even be able to fold up the iCrate for easy travel and storage.

The iCrate is very similar to the Life Stages crates with a few subtle differences to lower the price. The width of the extra-large iCrate has been reduced by a single inch, the mesh spacing is slightly further apart, and the metal mesh has a slightly smaller thickness.

Make sure you look at the prices of the sizes of the various models available from Midwest, because the prices can sometimes vary, and every now and again you will be able to get a better dog crate at a cheaper price! Generally, the iCrate will cost less than the other models. If you travel with your dog a lot, the iCrate can be an ideal choice because it will be slightly smaller and lighter. Otherwise, you may want to consider a Life Stages model for increased durability.

Midwest makes some of the best dog crates in the world and millions of dog owners have been using their crates for 10 years or more. They make a quality product that lasts a long time and provides safety for both you and your dog. If you are looking for a great way to house break your dog or improve behavior problems, a dog crate is the best way to go.

Midwest iCrate Double-Door Extra Large Dog Crate Review

When looking at larger dog crates, it becomes more important to look at the quality and durability of the product and maybe go with the higher priced crate.  Larger dogs are more likely to damage crates so extra toughness is sometimes needed. We have suggested two other dog crates to consider below. Both of these crates are made by Midwest, and all three crates get free shipping, so the price you see is the price you get.

If you need an extra-large dog crate size, we suggest also considering the follow dog crates:

  • Life Stages Double-Door Extra Large Dog Crate – This is a Midwest double-door crate that is more durable and slightly larger than the iCrate model. If you buy this dog crate instead, you will get a better crate.
  • iCrate Single-Door XL Dog Crate – If you would like to save as much money as possible buying your dog crate, you should get the iCrate single-door. It is exactly like this double-door crate in every single way except it has one less door.

Since our dog crate vendor does add suppliers and change prices fairly frequently, it is important to carefully look at the price and features offered and decide accordingly. A lot of the pricing structure revolves around supply and demand. The more they sell of a particular dog crate, the cheaper they can sell them for. As a result, the most popular models have also because the best buys!

You get all the standard Midwest dog crate features with the XL size. These features include a free removable plastic tray, divider panel, slide bolt latches, rubber corners, non-skid feet, one-year warranty and fold-away design.

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