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Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Large Dog Crate Review

The Midwest Life Stages single-door large dog crate is the best buy for a single-door large dog crate. If you are looking to save as much money as possible buying a large dog crate, you will get the best price buying a single-door dog crate. The Midwest Life Stages large dog crates come with a free divider panel and an easy to clean plastic tray. The plastic tray is easily removed from the dog crate, allowing for easy clean up. Many other brands do not even include a plastic tray for the bottom of the crate.The other great freebie, the divider panel is awesome when you are going to be buying a puppy and a dog crate. You will be able to buy a dog crate for the size that your dog will become, while changing his living area with the divider panel as he grows up. When you need to store or travel with your dog crate, you will love that the crates will fold up suitcase style with carrying handles. Dog crates are most commonly used to house break a dog. Crate training your dog can easily reduce house breaking time in half and will help you to modify behavior problems.

Midwest dog crates are some of the most durable and trusted dog crates in the world, already being used by million of dog owners. Many owners report the crates lasting well over 10 years and still being in use. A lot of pet carriers will be a plastic box with air holes. Midwest dog crates offer complete visibility and ventilation for your dog, slide bolt latches, rubber non-skid feet and even rounded corners. No tools are necessary to put together or take apart these crates.

Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Large Dog Crate Review

For less than four dollars more than the standard Midwest Life Stages large dog crate, you can get the double-door version that will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to taking care of your dog. You want to make sure to get a properly sized crate for your dog. You should be sure that they will be able to lie down, turn around and stand up comfortably, but they also should not have too much extra room. Dog crates are highly recommended for house breaking dogs and will allow you to win the battle with half the time and effort. They also work wonders when your dog is misbehaving, messing up your house or getting into things it shouldn’t. To keep you and your dog safe, Midwest dog crates of all sizes come standard with some safety features such as non-skid scratch-proof feet, dual sliding bolt latches and padded, rubber corners. You will also get a free divider panel with a new dog crate that allows you to change the living area of the cage. This can let you buy a single dog cage to use as your dog grows from a puppy to an adult. The crates also have a durable, easy to clean plastic tray that makes cleaning up after your pet’s accidents a breeze. You can also fold and carry these dog crates for easy travel and storage.

Unless you are willing to pay a lot of money to buy a new dog crate, you will not be able to find a better option than a Midwest dog crate. Millions of dog owners already use one and trust them to last as long as their dogs. A small amount of assembly is required when you buy your dog crate, but you will not need any tools.

Although the double-door large dog crate is a couple of dollars more than the standard crate, you are really only spending a small amount extra for every year that you will be using it. If you are going to buy something and use it for a long time, you should really consider going for extra features because the costs are usually insignificant compared to the benefits that you will receive over the life of the product.

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Large Dog Crate Review

The single-door iCrate large dog crate by Midway is the cheapest large size crate available through our recommended merchant. It’s price is actually comparable to a medium sized dog crate! All Midwest iCrate dog crates include a free divider panel, which will let you modify the size of your dog’s living area as he grows. They also include safety features like non-skid feet, secure slide bolt door latches and protective rubber corners. These features help to keep you, your family, your dog and your house safe from injury and damage. A removable plastic tray is also included to allow for easy clean up in case of accidents or for general maintenance cleaning. If you travel with your dog or sometimes do not have need for your dog crate, you will love its easy folding design.

Midwest is one of the most trusted names in the dog crate industry. They have been providing millions of happy dog owners with quality crates for many years. A lot of customers report their cages lasting for 10 years or more.

The iCrate is designed as a slightly smaller dog crate than other models. The wire meshing is also thinner and spaced further apart, but does not compromise its stability even though it does have less of a weight limit. These features make the iCrate a lighter, more affordable and more portable dog crate. Depending on what your uses for the crate will be, you may prefer to get a more durable Life Stages model if it is for home usage.

Dog crates are one of the most effective tools to house train a dog, plus they will help protect your belongings and your peace of mind while you are not at home. They have even been proven to help to reduce behavior problems with dogs.

Midwest iCrate Double-Door Large Dog Crate Review

The pricing of the Midwest iCrate double-door large dog crate is not very attractive when compared to some other crates of better quality. Usually, when our vendor cannot provide a good price, then one doesn’t exist! Better models of this same size are available for slightly more money or sometimes even less. If you need a large dog crate, we recommend the following large dog crate:

Life Stages Large Dog Crate – This dog crate is also made by Midwest, and it is a double-door design too. The difference is that this crate is actually larger in width and height by a couple of inches, and it is built with a sturdier metal mesh caging.

However,  because our dog crate vendor frequently changes their pricing based on availability and demand, this recommendation could change as time passes. They constantly seek out the best prices for dog crates and pass along the savings to you. That is why they are the only vendor that we recommend because nobody else can beat their prices and dependability.

Like all other Midwest dog crates, this one comes with a free divider panel, easy to clean plastic tray, non-skid feet, secure sliding bolt latches, rubber corners and a one-year warranty. The crates even fold away for easy traveling, moving and storage.

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