Medium Dog Crates that Are Just Right for the Average Dog

The Midwest iCrate medium dog crate has a double-door and a single-door model. Even though the single-door crate costs about $3 less than this crate, we highly recommend buying this crate instead. The larger the crate size, the more useful having a double-door tends to be. While the single-door model may be all that is needed, the price difference is small enough to be worth the gamble. Whatever crate is purchased, take into account the savings free shipping offers, as most of these crates qualify for it.

All Midwest dog crates come with a divider panel and a removable plastic tray for easy clean up. The divider panel lets you change the size of your dog cage as your dog needs more room. This will allow you to buy a full-size dog cage for how big your dog will become and not how big it currently is. This can save you from having to buy two different sized dog crates!

You also get free safety features like skid-free and scratch-free dog cage feet, protective rubber corners and secure latching slide bolt latches. The dog crate will even fold up so you can store it or travel with it easily.

Midwest is one of the most trusted names in the dog crate industry. Millions of pet owners already know that they can depend on their dog crates to last 10 years or more because they make a durable and reliable product.

The iCrate cages are able to provide a cheaper cost compared with the Life Stages dog crates because they have a slightly smaller width and height and less metal meshing for the cage itself. These sacrifices are really not that noticeable, although they do reduce the weight limits of the dog crates. If you need a dog crate for home usage, I would recommend the more durable Life Stages crates but if you will be moving the crate a lot or traveling, then the iCrate may be a perfect fit for you.

Regardless of whether you want to train your dog, discipline your dog or just house train them, a dog crate is quite possibly the best way to achieve any of them.

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Medium Dog Crate Review

The iCrate medium dog crate has a single-door model that is usually the cheapest option for this size of dog cages. Manufactured by Midwest, the iCrate is a great balance between affordability and reliability. When you buy a Midwest iCrate, you will get an easy to clean plastic tray and a free divider panel that provides you with an excellent way to split your cage so you can adjust the living area with the size of your dog. The divider panel alone can save you enough money to pay for another crate itself! You will even be able to fold up the crate for easy storage and convenient traveling. There are some great safety like skid-free and scuff-free feet, rubber corners and dual slide bolt latches. Obviously, the feet will help to protect your floor and keep your dog safe inside of the cage. The rubber corners will help to keep your dog, you and your family safe from injury on a sharp corner. You might not realize it at first, but the slide bolt latches are actually the best safety feature of them all because it can keep your house safe from destruction from your dog while you are not home.

When you buy an iCrate, you are getting a dog crate very similar to a Midwest Life Stages crate with a couple of minor adjustments. These things do not bother most people, especially if they are on a budget, so they are willing to sacrifice some things they won’t notice to save a little bit of money.

With the iCrate medium dog crate, you will be losing two inches in width and three inches in height compared with the Life Stages model. You also get smaller metal mesh that is spaced a little bit further apart, although it does not compromise the stability of the cage. The lowered amount of metal mesh for the cage will reduce the weight limit of the cage by about five pounds.

You will want to be sure to take a look at the other models in this size category before you decide to make a purchase. Sometimes you can find a Life Stages model of the same size for a cheaper price. The iCrate makes a great travel crate due to it’s lighter weight and somewhat smaller size, but the Life Stages is a more durable and long lasting dog crate.

If you are looking to buy a dog crate that your dog won’t tear apart, then a Midwest dog crate is right for you. They have millions of dog owners using their crates, and many report them lasting the entire life of their dog. The divider panel actually makes that possible since the cage can grow with your dog.

Dog crates are one of the most effective ways to house train a dog, plus they will give you peace of mind when you are working. You will know that your house, and it’s belongings will be safe – as will your carpets! The dog crate is one of the best disciplinary tools that you can have as a dog owner.

Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Medium Dog Crate Review

The double-door version of the Midwest Life Stages medium dog crate is an excellent product for just a couple of dollars more than the single-door crate. With an extra door, you will be able to have access to your dog and things inside of it’s cage with ease. Make sure you do not buy a dog crate that is too big for your dog or else it will not be useful for crate training. If you are buying a dog crate to use for house breaking your dog, it will help you train your dog in less than half the amount of time. It is also a great tool for use with behavior modification in dogs or for discipline. Even if you are just tired of your dog tearing apart your house while you are working or sleeping, a dog crate will solve all of your problems. You will get a free divider panel and an easy to clean plastic tray that you can remove from the dog cage. The divider panel will let you change the size of your dog crate, which is great for puppies and can allow you to buy a single dog crate for the life of your dog.

Midwest dog crates also include free safety features such as dual sliding bolt latches, non-skid/non-scratch feet and rounded corners to prevent injury to yourself and your dog. They are also convenient to fold up so you can travel with your dog crate or put it away for easy storage.

There really isn’t a better dog crate than a Midwest crate and millions of people across the world have already figured this out. Owners trust these dog crates to stand the test of time, often still looking and working great 10 years or more after buying them. To top it all off, you will not need a single tool to put your dog crate together or fold it away.

If you are in the market for a medium dog crate, spend the extra couple of dollars to get a double-door crate. You will usually only buy one dog crate for the entire time you have your dog, so you want to be sure to get something that will be easy to use, and the double-door dog crate is just that. Cleaning, retrieving items and animal care are a piece of cake with a second door to your cage.

Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Medium Dog Crate Review

The Midwest Life Stages single-door medium dog crate is the best buy for a single-door medium dog crate. You can get the best price for a medium dog cage when you buy a single-door crate. The crates of the same model with multiple doors will generally cost more. You will get a number of free accessories with your Midwest Life Stages medium dog crate like a divider panel and an easy to clean plastic tray. The divider panel is great for crate training puppies because you can adjust the size of the cage to your puppy. By using a crate, you will be able to house break your dog or puppy in half the time and they are great for modifying behavior. The plastic tray fits in the bottom of the cage and is easy to remove, allowing for quick clean up in case of accidents. The crate will also fold up suitcase style so you can store and travel with your dog crate. There are even convenient carrying handles to use when you fold the crate.

When you buy a Midwest dog crate, you will be buying one of the most trusted dog crates in the world. Midwest crates are in use in millions of homes across the world. They are extremely durable, often lasting for 10 years or more, and they are reasonably priced. Most dog crates and carriers are plastic boxes with holes, offering limited ventilation and visibility. Midwest dog crates offer the best in both of those areas. Their crates also have rounded corners, slide bolt latches and rubber non-skid feet. You will not need any tools to put your Midwest Life Stages dog crate together or to take it apart.

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