Safety with Dog Crates for Cars

When driving a car, many things can divert a driver. Screaming kids in the backseat, cell phones ringing off the hook and dogs jumping around the front and back seats can take anyone’s mind off the road. Dogs left to run around one’s car can prove just as dangerous to drivers as other forms of distractions while driving on the road. This is why dog crates for cars are wonderful ideas.

Some dogs enjoying riding in cars and are well behaved, on the other hand, other dogs become instantly nervous and will not sit still in a car. Most pet owners are greatly distracted when driving with their dogs. Dogs should never be on the owner’s laps while driving as this could cause accidents.

Owners have an instinct to pet or coddle their dog while driving. This practice not only endangers the owner while driving but the dog as well. In fact, since most dogs are not strapped in and cars are not designed for their safety, even small accidents can be fatal to them.

There is also dog mentality to keep in mind. Even the most perfectly behaved dogs can sometimes be set off by the sight of things in ways people cannot understand. Having the dog strapped in can prevent any sudden acting up from turning into a tragedy.

Keeping a everyone safe with a dog harness
It is not necessary to put a dog in a crate to keep him strapped in. Special dog harnesses have been designed to work in cars. These allow dogs to sit, lie or stand how they wish while constraining them from moving too much or getting hurt in accidents. They will attach to most vehicle seat belts and are a good option for those dogs who are not crate trained. They also take up less space while giving the dog a better view and more freedom.

Another option is to go with special booster seats that strap in and give dogs a great view.

Dog crates for cars
However, crates offer the most safety and security. They also do a good job of keeping the car clean. Most will have seat belt straps and fasten into any car. Those that a better designed will have doors on the top and front for easy access.

Car crates for ease of use and maintenance
While most car dog crates are strapped in, there are now types that can be snapped in and out just like a baby carriage. The majority of soft crates will have removable linings that are machine washable. They also will often have pockets for convenient storage and handles for easy handling and portability.

Dog crate comfort
When buying a dog crate for cars, the first concern should always be size. See the following dog crate sizing guide if unsure of the best size for any dog.

The temperament of the dog should also be considered. Those dogs that want to see it all should have higher crates with windows that offer a good view. Other dogs will be more comfortable in a more den-like crate.

Dog care and safety
Dogs need to be kept stationary in cars. This not only keeps them safe, but it makes them feel secure, which also decreases the possibility of distractions while driving. In the beginning, dogs typically do not enjoy being in a crate while riding a car, but it is a small price to pay in keeping one’s pet safe while avoiding accidents.

When crating dogs for the first time in a car, be sure to talk to them. Do not constantly look back at the dog crate while driving since this is dangerous and the mere sound of an owner’s voice is enough to sooth dogs that are crated in a car.Dog Crates For Cars

Dogs are beloved family members and should be treated accordingly when driving. Just as people no longer allow their children free reign while driving, increased safety awareness means that dogs should also be restrained. Dog crates for cars are one way for people to prove their love for their dogs by keeping them safe. It is not only the responsible thing to do with one’s pet but also for personal safety too.

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