A Portable Dog Crate for Maximum Mobility

Traveling dog owners everywhere understand the importance of a portable dog crate. These style crates allow for taking a dog virtually anywhere that dogs are permitted. Dog owners can rack up huge kennel fees when going on long family vacations or weekend trips. At the same time, a portable crate can lesson a dog’s anxiety about traveling and make it feel like it is in a moving little home. This is why these crates are much-loved accessories for dog owners.

Types of portable crates
Portable dog crates often come in more compact sizes (they are generally for smaller dogs) to make them easier to move. Any good crate will also be carefully designed with a nice handle that makes picking it up a synch. Many, such as soft sided crates, are made from soft canvas fabrics to make them as light and easy on both the dog and owner as possible. This type of crate is also collapsible and simple to stow when not in use. These are great, popular crates, but those buying them should make sure they offer the dog a good view and proper ventilation with mesh screens.

Although they are not collapsible, plastic dog crates are lightweight and permitted on airlines.

In spite of being heaver, wire crates can also be considered portable when they are not too big. They offer the best ventilation but often require a dog crate cover or padding for insulation. Many of these can also be taken apart for easy storage.

To use when traveling
When traveling in a car with a dog, safety should be of the utmost importance. Dogs are essential elements of families, and they should be protected from accidents. Nowadays, there are harnesses available for the family pet, but it can be difficult to train many dogs to use them.

A great alternative to the harness is a portable dog crate. The portable dog crate will make it possible for a dog to feel less confined while allowing him to enjoy the trip as much as possible. A dog can actually feel safer as well as more comfortable inside a dog crate while traveling in the family car. Furthermore, adding extra bedding and the favorite toys of the dog is a way to create a more fun environment.

Dog crates are great options for bigger dogs as well when traveling. Choices are extensive when purchasing a portable dog crate for a larger dog. For those worried about the larger size when the crate is not in use, good crates can be folded flat and is thus very easy to store away or transport without taking up much space. Some other features to look for when buying a crate include its finish (a dog may ingest a chrome finish so a galvanized finish is better) and ability to resist rust as well as its ease of assembly.Portable Dog Crate

On airplanes
When traveling on a plane with a dog, one must understand the rules and regulations of most commercial airlines. If the dog is under twenty pounds, and can fit easily in front of the seat, the dog can fly with the owner on the airplane. If the dog is larger than twenty pounds, they must be placed in the cargo area of the plane (see airline approved dog crates). A portable dog crate is wonderful when traveling on airplanes with a dog. Portable dog crates allow for flexibility when placing the dog in under a seat as well as easier handling of the crate when traveling through airports.

A portable dog crate allows dogs to lounge comfortably when traveling on airplanes. These crates do not take up a lot of space. One should ensure the portable crate is well cushioned for the plane flight, which will ensure the comfort and safety of the dog, thus enabling the owner to have a much nicer flight.

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